If you are looking for a company that offers small and large appliance repair service in Brisbane or Gold Coast, what you need is a bunch of professionals who are not only experienced, but are expert in providing the best solutions to any type of issues – elementary and intricate, simple as well as complicated. This is where we at ISB Electrical make the difference. Our professionals are highly trustworthy, accredited and insured, who would come up with perfect repair of various types of appliances at reasonable price.

Our electrical services and appliance repairs in Brisbane, Gold Coast also involves replacement of faulty spare parts with their genuine counterparts and that is why, we offer warranty on spare parts. We come up with small appliance repairs in Brisbane, Gold Coast, and other Queensland suburbs at an affordable price, with your device being taken care of and fixed by qualified and accredited professionals.

Why Choose Us

Maintenance and Repairs

ISB Electrical provides a reliable, personal and high quality electrical service, including maintenance and repairs, to suit your needs. We are fully insured, licensed and highly experienced. Service call and labour will be $169-220. Additional cost for the parts if it's requires

Why Hire Our Electrical Services

We provide affordable electrical services, electrical maintenance services by professional and experienced electrician in QLD

Competitive prices

No matter whether it’s a trivial issue or a complicated one, we will always come up with solutions at pretty competitive prices, which truly reflect the gravity of the issue.

High quality of Services

When it comes to conducting small appliance repairs in Brisbane & Gold Coast we at ISB Electrical never compromise on quality. Rather we will always come up with our best, which will leave your appliances as good and perfect as a new one.

A Highly Professional Customer Service

This has always been a cornerstone of our service, where our highly professional appliance repairs and electrical services in Gold Coast & Brisbane are backed up by truly professional customer service that is more than ready to assist you at your hour of need.

About ISB Electrical

ISB ELECTRICAL has more than 30 years’ experience in all electrical services – installation, maintenance, repairs and can fix any makes and models of household appliances. Whether you’re having problems with the fridge or freezer, washing machine, dryer, stove, cooktop, oven, dishwasher or anything else, ISB ELECTRICAL can provide the service you need. Each member of our team is specially trained, qualified & licensed to do what it takes to keep you and your property safe.

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Our Services

oven & cooktop repairs gold coast

Oven & Cooktop Repairs

Whether your oven, stove or cook top is electric or gas, we can repair all common brands and have them working again for you in your home.

washing machine & dryer repairs gold coast

Washer & Dryer Repairs

Our qualified and experienced technicians are ready to service your clothes washing machine and dryers. Make a booking today!

refrigerator & freezer repairs gold coast

Refrigerator & Freezer Repairs

We specialise in repairing major brands of fridges and freezers. Our goal is to make sure that you receive fast prompt service at an affordable, competitive rate.

dishwasher repairs gold coast

Dishwasher Repairs

Blocked drains, broken seals and flashing error messages are common problems for dishwashers. We specialise in getting your dishwasher working properly again - fast!

Words From Clients


It is a common problem with front loading and top loading washing machine and it is caused by blockage in pump chamber. If you open the pump chamber water will be gushing out, so make sure you unplugged the washing machine and contact professionals from ISB Electrical.
Old fridges have drains to remove the moisture accumulated on the evaporator coils which gets unblocked by the mould and water comes to a tray at the rear of the refrigerator and uses the heat from the compressor to evaporate. You can sometimes clear the drain from the rear of the fridge if you can see the drain hose. But it is better to call ISB Electrical for professional’s assistance.
This is a very common issue and it causes due to the failure of your oven thermostat or your cook tops central control. Stove and oven repairs must be performed by a qualified and experienced repairer and ISB Electrical has the expertise to help you out.

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Any electrical & appliance services - installation, repairs, maintenance

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