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Washing Machine and Dryer Repairs in Biggera Waters by Expert Technicians

Have a pile of clothes to wash but your washing machine is not turning on, making strange sounds, or turning off on its own? It’s time to call the professionals for washing machine repairs in Biggera Waters, and ISB Electrical is the company to meet your needs. Our experienced technicians are equipped with the knowledge and technical expertise to diagnose and repair all types of problems in washing machines and dryers. So, if you want fast and accurate repairs, we are just a call away.

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At ISB Electrical we have the technical expertise to repair all types of problems in washing machines and dryers. And you can choose us since we provide:

Common Problems and Solutions for Washing Machines and Dryers

Here is a list of problems that you might face in your washing machine. Before booking our service, you can try the DIY solutions provided by our team of experts. For any professional help feel free to contact us!

If that is the case, check the power to the washing machine first. If the power supply is on, it’s fine. Else, check if the door of the washing machine is shut properly.

In this case, check the washing machine inlet hoses first and then the water taps. Also, check the inlet valve filter.

This is mostly a problem with the inlet valve and to fix this you need to replace the valve.

When faced with this problem, your need to get the wash cycle checked along with the load. Also, check the washing machine belt.

There might be several reasons for the leak which our expert technicians will inspect to fix the problem efficiently.

Similar to that of the washing machines, there can be various problems with the dryer. So, before calling the technicians providing dryer repairs in Gold Coast check if you are facing any of these.

This problem may be caused by a blown fuse, heating element, or heating relay. Cleaning the filters and airways from dust and fluff might also fix the problem.

The motor might be faulty or the motor capacitor doesn’t have enough capacitance or the belt is worn out.

This might be caused by issues in power, power plug, plug fuse, thermal fuse or switches, main PCB problems, etc.

Check the drum rollers on the right and left sides of the machine.

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As one of the most reputed companies providing washing machine and dryer repairs in Biggera Waters, ISB Electrical is committed to providing you the best quality service through highly experienced professionals. So, contact us now to book your service.

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